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Welcome. This is the web site of the original HALI lures. Here You can find some basic info and pictures of the original HALI lures. Our main lure categories are Ice spoons, Jiggers, Marmooska and Hooks for ice fishing but we also have some fine wobblers in our lure catalog for open water season. The original HALI lures are finnish high quality lures and they are made mainly by hand over fifty years of experience of lure making and tradition. We manufacture lures in town of Lahti which is located in southern Finland. More than fifty percent of our lure production goes to exports, yet HALI lures can be found and bought in almost every well equipped fishing stores all over Finland. If You have any questions about HALI lures, please contact us via email hali (a) halilures.com. Other HALI contact information is mentioned at the bottom of the page.

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